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Frequently Asked Questions

$99/month or, we also offer a 6-month rate for $399 in Nova Scotia. For other provincial  pricing please view our Pricing Page.

When you register as a customer, it includes all the features of the Air List Dashboard, our easy online MLS® listing process, exclusive step-by-step videos, access to Air Realty agents at any time for support and advice.

Normally, real estate companies charge a commission. The seller’s brokerage and the buyer’s brokerage both get a percentage. With Air Realty, you don’t pay us a commission, you just pay the monthly fee.

You can decide how much money to give the buyer’s agent when you list. Or you can negotiate the amount at the time of the offer.

When filling out the listing forms, you can pre-determine a percentage based on the sale price (e.g., 2%). Industry standard for a typical real estate commission in Nova Scotia is 5% which each side splits (2.5% to the seller’s brokerage and 2.5% to the buyer’s brokerage). You can also pre-determine a fixed cost that the buyer’s agent will receive (e.g., $2,000).

How much commission the buyer’s agent receives is in your hands.

No, you are your own agent. Air Realty provides a listing service to enable you to sell independently. And, we’re here to support you by providing the regulated forms, reviewing your documents and answering your listing questions.

Air Realty lists your place for you on the Multiple Listing Service. The MLS® is only available to real estate agents and brokerages all across Canada. After your property is listed on the MLS®, you can then see your listing on

You can use any device. Use your mobile phone, your tablet, laptop or home computer.

If you are unsure and need an accurate listing price, our licensed real estate members will do a market analysis on your property.

The MLS® rules and regulations prohibit Air Realty from posting your personal information.

But your name and contact information are available to other licensed real estate members. Buyers’ agents will contact you directly to set up showings.

If the buyer is not currently working with an agent, one of Air Realty’s licensed real estate members will work with that buyer to set up a time to view your property.

You have a choice! You can be there to show your place yourself or arrange for the buyer’s agent to view the property with the buyer.

Because your listing will be posted on the MLS®/, real estate agents all across Canada will be able to see it. You can organize the showing for whatever time works best for you.

Air Realty is an online real estate brokerage that provides you with all the tools and resources you need to get your place posted quickly on the MLS® without a real estate agent, using any device and e-signatures.

This chart shows, at-a-glance, how we’re different from your other selling options:

Compare Air Realty Benefits with Other Listing Options:


The beauty in having all these choices, is you get to choose what’s right for you. At the same time, the options are complex so it’s important to understand some key distinctions.

With the online classified route, where you can also sell your toaster, a ladder or your purse, buyers have to find you specifically. The online classifieds are also organized locally, which potentially restricts your audience and your exposure to buyers. For the same price as a “top-listed property” on these platforms, with Air Realty you’ll be on the MLS nationally.

And, with conventional or discount (reduced rate) brokers, you’re still paying a lot for a job you can do yourself.

Our fee is much lower than the fees of other companies offering real estate services. In some instances, you’re paying several hundred dollars for a lawn sign, a photograph and a listing on their website. And you’ll pay much more for additional services and protections that are already included in Air Realty’s low monthly fee.


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