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What is an Air CMA?

Not sure what to list your house at? Our licensed real estate members will work with you to figure out an accurate listing price.

An Air CMA (comparative market analysis) is not designed to estimate market value, but is used to determine a realistic listing price. An Air CMA is not an opinion of value, but can be used as a tool to competitively place the property on the marketplace.

This informal analysis is a simple report that is completed by a licensed real estate members that involves researching comparable properties that have recently sold in your area, to your specific property.

An Air CMA is a suggested listing price. We show you the data so you can see what is currently happening in your market. In the end, you will be the one to determine your listing price.

Having an Air CMA may help you determine the best price to list your house at in the competitive marketplace.

Is an Air CMA an appraisal?

An Air CMA is not an appraisal and is not an estimate of market value. It is a tool used in the listing process to determine an accurate listing price of your house.

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