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Why Air List?

Save Money

You pay Air Realty a modest monthly fee to list your place, and that’s how you save. You only pay a commission fee to the buyer’s agent.


When you register, you can post your listing within 30 minutes to 1-hour and start attracting buyers and real estate agents right away. It’s a lot faster than going the conventional route or doing a private sale.



You get to list your place on Canada’s most popular and trusted real estate platforms. Get your property seen by a large audience of potential buyers through the MLS®.


Air Realty has an easy online 3-step listing process. With our custom support features always at your service, the process couldn’t be more straightforward.

Air Realty is a new and different model for selling your place.

It’s a do-it-yourself approach to selling your place, with the help of modern technology & tools. AND you get the support and backing of a qualified brokerage that operates virtually.

When you use Air Realty to list, you get all the protections of a traditional brokerage and the security of a regulated environment. And you get significant savings because you’re not paying a big commission.

In short, you get all the advantages of having a regular real estate agent and even more benefits:

No Meetings

Face-to-face meetings not required

Easy e-signatures

E-signatures replace physical signatures

Regulated forms & review

We provide proper regulated forms & review them to ensure they’re “list-ready”

Real Estate Protection

You get the protection of the real estate board

Way better option

Greater protection than the “for sale by owner” market and other online options

MLS® for less

For the same price as “top-listed property” on other platforms, you’re on the MLS®

Oranges & Bananas

Comparing Air List with traditional real estate companies or other methods of selling your place is like comparing an orange and a bunch of bananas! They’re completely different and here’s how:

At Air Realty, we empower homeowners to be their own agent. You keep control of the listing and sale, and save big money doing it. By posting on the MLS® through Air Realty, you’ll save 50% off the commission costs. And you get the support of licensed real estate brokers and the protection of the real estate board.

We’re not exaggerating when we say we’re unique. See our FAQs to read more about how we’re different from conventional brokerages, real estate marketing companies, reduced rate agents, and private sales.

All the advantages.
No downsides.

Happy Customers

Hear from them


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With Air Realty, you pay less to sell your place.
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